Who We Are and What We Do?

Separator Honor Letter to Texas

We are an Export Consulting Company, acting as an export department for several non-competing manufacturers and suppliers. As an ECC we can act either as a local or foreign-owned sales firm, operate on a commission (as an agent), or on a fee basis (as a consultant), or even taking possession of the goods for direct export (as a distributor). We appoint sales representatives in importing countries, promote goods and services of our clients, arrange transportation, provide warranties and after-sales-services, through a series of expert partnerships.

The Hopewell Sales and Marketing Team, was created to provide support services to South American entrepreneurs, willing, able and ready to internationalize their businesses, including their family affairs. We are also a "procurement base" to locate sources of supply of North American products for South American Importers.

Our associates provide the necessary on-site support to ensure your success in the "business culture" you are entering.

But Why Texas?

Texas is in the "heart" of the United States (as can be seen from the map below), with excellent ports and highways that take your product to every corner of the country.The state, if it were a country, would be the 8th largest economy!

Texas in the US Market

What is the structures and the advantages?

Our partners can take care of all your company documentation and also arrange for accounting, visas, licenses and any other needs through our parnerships in Dallas and in San Antonio. According to arrangements, we may market and sell your products within the "United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)", formerly NAFTA (US, Canada, and Mexico). The exporter will have his company operating in the USA, with address and telephone, using the facilities offered by Hopewell, including bilingual staff trained in foreign trade and with showroom to display your catalogs and samples.

Business incubator

The Exporter Support Center is a business incubator operating on a PPP system with the municipality of San Antonio and supporting small and medium foreign companies wishing to enter the US market.

Texas in the US Market

The program provides foreign companies with the information they need to effectively execute their international expansion plans and ensure proper business operation in the United States. Benefits offered include corporate infrastructure guidance, an office, training, consulting, and business development services, all designed specifically to develop business administration, including the business plan and product marketing planning. Hopewell consultants even select their prospects and market their products within the North American Free Trade Market (NUSMCA).

Texas in the US Market

Hopewell is located at the San Antonio International Center, and in the Dallas Metroplex to assist you with your business expansion.

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